Mattresses, Bed Bases and Sleeping Accessories

E-boutique Treca Paris

Discover our selection of the most sensorial sleep accessories.

Products handmade in the strict respect of the tradition of the great French houses.
The pillows and duvets of the Drouault house, in the noblest duvets - white Siberian goose down, white duck down... -.
Duvets, blankets and pillows from Brun de Vian-Tiran, in the most beautiful wools and sumptuous fibres: camel wool, royal alpaca, cashmere, silk, Merinos wool from ancient Arles, Mohair...

Tréca Boutiques recommend these high quality accessories for their lightness and cosiness, but also and above all for their thermoregulatory properties.

Finally, don't forget to protect your accessories and your bedding with our range of mattress and pillow protectors: caps adapted to your mattresses and cotton fleeces up to 400g/m² for perfect absorption and protection while keeping your bedding soft.

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