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Treca mattresses

Tréca, the emblematic French brand of luxury bedding, has been offering mattresses combining unique know-how, innovative technologies and exquisite materials since 1935. All Tréca mattresses have a unique design and are entirely manufactured by our craftsmen in our workshops in France. Respect of tradition and a tailor-made production have made the brand a symbol for luxury mattresses.

Discover exceptional mattresses through the various Tréca collections. Our mattresses offer meticulous finishing, the latest technological innovations and all the historical know-how of the House of Tréca. Couture, Impérial, Paris, Les 100 Ciels, L'Air du Temps, Reichshoffen - discover the Tréca mattress designed for you! To make your choice, let yourself be guided by our sleep experts who will introduce you to the Art of French Sleep.


The Art of Sleeping at Tréca begins with the demand for excellence in the mattress manufacturing process. The exceptional finish of Tréca mattresses is complemented by luxury features for ideal comfort.

Tréca puts its expertise at the service of everyone's sleep. Tréca mattresses are designed to take into account the specificities of each sleeper: weight, height, morphology, movements of the sleeper, whether you sleep alone or together. The unique technology of Air Spring® pocket springs used in some Tréca mattresses offers an unequalled precision of contact and support for the sleeper's body.

Whatever your sleeping position, your Tréca mattress welcomes and supports you in an optimal way by distributing perfectly the pressure exerted by your body. Your back is thus protected and your joints stay relaxed for the best possible recovery. The exquisite materials that make up the Tréca mattresses are carefully chosen to allow the greatest comfort and perfect hygiene of your Tréca mattress.

Finally, thanks to the perfect independence of sleeping provided by the Tréca mattresses, each sleeper is no longer disturbed by his partner, for peaceful nights without micro wake-ups. With a Tréca mattress, you can enjoy a lustful, voluptuous and recuperative night, followed by enchanted awakenings!


Tréca introduces you to its collection of Tréca Impérial mattresses, a symbol of comfort, high quality and French know-how, through its two classic models, stars of the brand: the Tréca "Impérial Air Spring" mattress, ideal for a balanced comfort and the "Impérial Pullman" mattress, recommended to lovers of rejuvenating comfort. For even more comfortable nights and to enhance the softness and natural air conditioning of your mattress, you can add the subtle "Impérial" topper, so that your bedding becomes a real cocoon of softness.

Lovers of well-being and magical nights, take care of your sleep while satisfying your desire for fashion requirements, thanks to the Tréca Couture mattress collection. It is the combination of unique know-how, exceptional materials and the greatest refinement for a restful sleep in a luxurious setting. Refined aesthetics, beautiful materials and remarkable finishes guarantee unequalled comfort and pleasure for a long time.

Emotions, refinement and delicacy are the key words for nights spent in a Tréca bed. The greatest hotels and palaces in the world have chosen Tréca, why not you?