The Tréca London Store is the brand’s newest store and the first in England, located at 7-9 Wigmore Street in London’s West End. We offer you a large choice of mattresses and bed bases from our Couture, Platinum, Impérial, Paris and Reichshoffen collections, which bring all your daydreams to life: elegantly finished, handmade mattresses, designed using natural materials.


Our London Store allows you to discover the collections of the French Tréca brand, and in particular its Impérial, Platinum, Couture, Paris and Reichshoffen collections. Through this presence, the brand wishes to stand out by allowing a demanding clientele that is always seeking greater comfort, both in London and internationally, to (re)discover the French savoir-faire and ‘made in France’ nature of its products. Lucas and his team invite you, with or without appointment, to their store in London to assist you with your bed plans. 


Our Tréca London Store offers you the Tréca House’s most prestigious collections, in particular the Reichshoffen collection that utilises French savoir-faire, being produced by craftsman in the Reichshoffen workshops in Alsace, and meets English standards. We offer the Couture, Platinum, Impérial and Paris collections that are also designed in our Alsatian workshops.

Our sleep and decoration experts will advise you on your plans for a bed to lull you each night into a refined, elegant, personalised, comfortable and revitalising sleep.



Your Tréca London Store welcomes you from Monday to Saturday, with or without an appointment. At your request we can organise a private store visit, or conduct the appointment by video-conference if you do not wish to or cannot travel.

Our sleep experts will advise you on your plans for a bed to lull you each night into a personalised, comfortable and revitalising sleep. The full Tréca savoir-faire is waiting for you at our Tréca Paris, Lyon and London Stores.