Falling into a deep slumber is an art that Tréca offers through the nobility of the materials selected, the expertise of its workshops and the talent of its designers. Respect for tradition and bespoke craftsmanship have made the brand a benchmark in the world of high-end beds. All of Tréca's beds are entirely manufactured by our artisans in our workshops in France.

Because each sleep is unique and deserves the best, we leave nothing to chance. From the use of our precious materials to the most intricate hand-sewn finishes, we offer a personalised approach to designing a unique bed to give you the best night's sleep.

Reinvented in Reischshoffen and with an international presence, our brand creates products adapted to each sleeper through its exceptional capacity to personalise. A French manufacturer since 1935, we offer products that can be made in all dimensions and shapes of your desire, as well as personalised embroidery on some models.

A variety of suspensions for beds to match your expectations. Tréca is a specialist in pocket spring mattresses and reclining beds.

Two spring types and a choice of three suspension types to find your ideal Tréca bed. Finally, Air Spring® suspension will give you an enveloping, cocoon-like comfort, while the Pullman® suspension will provide energising comfort. Finally the Pullman Fusion® suspension, a combination of the Air Spring® and Pullman®,will provide unrivalled comfort and excellent durability.

In our workshops, we take charge of all production stages, from the selection of superior quality materials right through to the finalisation of the products before they leave our factory. Tréca always selects the best materials (linen, organic cotton, wool, cashmere) for their natural, innovative or hypoallergenic properties.

The choice of these natural materials is what guarantees unrivalled comfort, resulting in quality, tailormade sleep.